3 Mermaids Coloring

Get creative playing the mermaid coloring game!

It's incredible how these cartoon characters, the mermaids, continue to fascinate us even now! They look great with those fish tails, so gracious, so feminine! Add some great colors to their skin and scales playing the 3 mermaids coloring game!

Before you free all those artistic urges of yours playing themermaid coloring game , let's imagine the context, so that we should guide our color choices to that background! Ok, so get them ready for a fancy party, a very exclusive one, on a little underwater island. On the top of the page you have all the possible colors, a great variety of shades all at your disposal. Let's get it started, these ladies have a party to go to! For the first mermaid from the mermaid coloring game, the one of the left I would choose a more gothic look. A dark black tail would go wonderful if you contrast it with a super cool blonde hair. Don't you agree it's super fun? After you finish playing this mermaid coloring game I am positive you will have learned all about matching colors, about what colors suit you if you are a brunette or if you want to dye your hair red.

Have I mentioned something about a fancy party? Interested? Before you check out your agenda for those hot parties thrown by your friends at school, check out the perfect outfits playing theparty girl dress up game.

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